“Ask the Party FaIry” is a sister site for  www.partyfairy.com, where you will find detailed information about the children’s parties and events we stage at our store in Midlothian VA.

     Not everyone can come to us, of course — so this site is designed to provide helpful ideas and tips for parents planning a party at home.       

     Many other party planning sites offer great resources for party decorations, games, activities and crafts for home birthday parties — and I am happy to get you there by sharing the links that I have discovered.  I have a few of my own craft and activity ideas to share, too.

    But I haven’t yet come across a site devoted to the true nuts and bolts of planning a child’s birthday at home by outlining specific strategies for controlling children and minimizing the chaos level. (Well, OK, now I am forced to add there IS a pesky blog that consistently plagiarizes this site, and has pretty much stolen every word I’ve ever written about structuring children’s parties.  So now there are two sites — this one, and the other one, which you don’t even have to bother to check out because it says almost word for word what I’ve written here!)  Hmmmm…. At least if that blogger isn’t smart enough to come up with original party planning advice, she’s smart enough to rely on mine, which has been tested at hundreds upon hundreds of parties! 🙂

        You’ll benefit from the advice offered here at  “Ask The Party Fairy” too, because it is designed to help you create a fantastic party without the frenzied excitement level that sometimes ruins an otherwise great party.  

I’ve spoken to so many moms who have organized absolutely beautiful parties in their homes, with exquisite decorations and beautifully detailed cakes and tabletops.  But many of them have been frustrated, disappointed and exhausted by the chaotic frenzy that eclipsed all their lovely work.  Children ran wild through their homes, wandered into areas of the home not designated for the party, ignored planned party activities to go play with toys upstairs, and created an unbelievable mess. 

      Some of them simply said, “Never again!” and hired me the next year.  

When I was traveling to homes to stage parties, moms frequently commented on how difficult it was to believe that there were 16 or 18 children in the home during the party because the party was so quiet and well contained.  That was no accident. The secret to any successful birthday party at home is simply control. The more control exerted over the behavior of the children, the more fun the party will be for everyone. The trick is in how the control occurs. Certain success strategies help create extremely controlled conditions without lessening the excitement factor for the children.

         That’s really what this site is all about. It’s a way to share my nuts-and-bolts success techniques with you as you plan your own children’s party. You’ll see what a control freak I truly am — and how much attention is paid to every teeny little detail. But if you employ some of these techniques and pay attention to these same details, your parties will be successful, too!

       I hope “Ask The Party Fairy” will become a forum for the exchange of and discussion of ideas, so I’d love to hear what you think and what works for you. I am also available to answer your specific party planning questions.

        To get started, check out the post titled STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS and the series of tips appearing in the menu on the right side of this page.


3 Responses to “ABOUT “ASK THE PARTY FAIRY””

  1. Sunshine Says:

    Hi, I Need Help! I am getting ready to start planning my babies 1st birthday & I’m going crazy! I’ve been browsing the net for over a week looking for ideas for creative centerpieces & have come up short! I’m usually creative myself but I think because I want this to be Super Special my mind is drawing a blank! My baby girl isab adorable princess BUT @ the same time she IS A Diva! Please help me!

  2. askthepartyfairy Says:

    I’ll be happy to help you, and we’ll come up with something fun — and very special. Do you have a theme for the party yet? That will help us decide what to use as a centerpiece. Are you planning to have the party at your home or another location? And are you inviting just your family, or friends as well? Share some of the details with me and I will help you generate some fun ideas. 🙂

  3. irishclover7 Says:

    Thank you for commenting on my blog! Im so happy you enjoyed my blog, and the Fairy Party blog itself. For some reason that particular blog gets the most views everyday. And since WordPress allows you to see the search engine terms, I have noticed that without fail, every day, the terms for my blog are “flower fairies” or “fairies”, or some other fairy term. It amazes me how many people are searching for fairies, lol! I do love your blog as well. In fact I love anything to do with fairies. People think its silly to believe in such things, but not me. Im all about the mystical world of fairies. I also believe in the Irish fairies since I am part Irish, and I have written a book (not yet published) and included all seven Irish fairies in it (except for one, who isnt really important). The Irish fairies are :the Leprechaun, Merrow, Dullahan, Grogoch, Banshee, Changeling, and Pooka. However these fairies dont look like fairies. But Im sure Ireland has its share of pixies and sprites as well. If you dont mind I would love to place both this website and your other website on my links page for people to see. When it is up, I will send you the link so you may see it. Thanks so much! I will be back soon 😀

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