See our parties and events by visiting our web site at www.partyfairy.com

        The Party Fairy serves the Richmond VA market with themed birthday parties, summer camps and special events for children ages 4 and up.  Our highly structured programs connect with children’s imaginations and take make-believe play to an exciting new level.  Elaborate and colorful decorations create a whimsical ambiance and set the stage for fun. 

All parties and events at The Party Fairy are centered around our original cast of characters, who may make an appearance or be featured prominently in storytelling during our programs.  Characters include a ballerina doll who magically comes to life, several fairies who populate our enchanted garden, princesses who live in the castle just beyond the forest, a fairy godmother, a pirate captain, a wizard’s apprentice and more. 

     Owner Georgia Blair started the business in 2003. You’ll find her accounting of that wintry moment of inspiration under HOW IT ALL STARTED.    

For the first two years, Blair traveled to homes to stage birthday parties. In 2005, she rented the top floor of a clubhouse at Oasis Sports Park and began staging themed parties in that space. Our new store opened in May of 2007 in Midlothian’s Village at Waterford.      

     We love children, and we love staging children’s parties and events at The Party Fairy. To date Blair has staged more than 700 parties! 

     We’d love to stage a party for YOUR child, too  — but if  you’re planning your child’s party at home, we’re happy to share some of our best tips, techniques and ideas with you. Be sure to post your questions or comments here so that we can respond. And please tell your friends about us! 


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