Complete activity guide for your Ballerina Party coming soon

        Little girls love ballerinas — and ballerina parties! 

          For years, I’ve wanted to stage ballerina themed parties, but this particular theme just isn’t a good fit for what we do. A ballerina party needs a stage and curtains and mirrored walls with practice bars. Pirate caves and sunken treasure ships and beauty salons inside mushrooms just don’t work so well with this theme, so set changes become problematic.

          The solution? Sell ballerina party kits!

          People who work for me and with me are always so frustrated by how SLOW I am when it comes to putting together party-in-a-box kits. These are great sellers, and we should be selling them hand over fist. Who cares if it’s not perfect? Well, I do. I am reluctant to sell something unless I LOVE every aspect of it. The ballerina party is a case in point. I could try to sell you a ballerina party kit right now, but it wouldn’t be absolutely perfect.  I don’t yet have all the components of the kit  — just some of them. And I don’t want to sell the whole thing until I am totally satisfied with all of it. 

         But I do love SOME of the elements I’ve collected, so The Party Fairy is about to start selling them a la carte. For example, this tiny treasure box is the perfect party favor for little ballerinas! It’s just the right size to hold a string of pearls, or the leftover makeup from the Ballerina Makeovers that I recommend as one of the activities at your party.  Mirrored and nicely lined, it’s just a little larger than 2 inches by 2 inches, with beautiful little ballerinas and ballet shoes painted on it. 

      We’ll be selling it on our online store in just a few weeks, so check back for the link. Or, if you live near enough to come into the store, we’d love to show it to you in person. You will be able to purchase them individually or in sets, empty or already filled with party favors and ready to distribute. 

            We also sell a less expensive ballerina party favor bag made of tulle, with a sweet little ballerina doll on the front. Our bags come in white, pink or purple — and at only $3 per bag, they’re the perfect price for filling with fun treats as take-home favors. Take a look at the picture below:



     Do you think your little dancers would prefer ballerina pocketbooks as their party favors? Trimmed in soft fur and embellished  with a little pixie sparkle, the 7 x 9 inch bags pictured below would be a great choice. They come in pink or purple.

         Can’t you just imagine your little ballerinas leaving the party holding these sweet little pocketbooks? 


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