Cards and Journals at Flying Dream Post

        Even the name is intriguing: “Flying Dream Post.”

       Doesn’t it sound like something you simply must see? Like a  siren song, it whispers to me of late afternoon breezes tugging lace curtains at an open window, sprinkling patterns of dappled sunlight across stacks of vintage books, a pair of reading glasses and a collection of letters embellished with old-fashioned flowery script.  Do you smell the primrose from the garden just beyond the window and hear muffled, high-pitched  giggles from fairies hiding in the swaying curtain? Look quickly now — just there! Did you catch the glittery flash of a fairy wing?

Well, that’s the scene “Flying Dream Post” evokes for me! Amy Stevens, the creator of this sweetly nostalgic collection of mixed media art, sells beautifully embellished handmade cards, invitations, journals, bottles and more, combining vintage images with modern sentiment and, for the discriminating fairy lover, plenty of sparkle.  She is happy to customize her work if requested, so you could discuss your own creative ideas with her.   I think Amy’s handmade, embellished journals would make lovely party favors for a very special fairy party for adults or children. She also designs gorgeous invitations — pretty enough for framing afterward and displaying in your little fairy’s room. But her work isn’t limited to fairies. You’ll find some whimsical mermaids on her cards and journals, too…  

        And, if you’re planning a whimsical, old-fashioned tea party without mermaids or fairies, Amy’s invitations have just the right look, with a nod to yesteryear!

       See her work for yourself at




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