Fairy Craft: How to Make a Fairy Princess Goblet


  •      Standard paper party cups in a solid color  (2 per child)
  •      1 plastic cup per child
  •      Tape
  •      Ribbon
  •      Embellishments such as stick-on gemstones or stickers, butterflies or flowers
  •      Craft glue

       Place one solid color cup upside down and squirt a little craft glue on the bottom. Stack another solid color cup on top of the first cup, so that the glue holds the two cup bottoms together. Secure cups together by winding tape around the area where the two cup bottoms connect. 

        Use ribbon to hide the tape. Ribbon will need to be glued to stay in place. Next, decorate cups with stickers or glue gemstones on for extra sparkle.

          For an especially pretty fairy look, tie strips of pink tulle around the cups — or use a piece of narrow ribbon to tie butterflies or small flowers onto the cups in the narrow center where the two cups connect. Use your imagination with the decorations and let the little fairy princesses have fun creating!  

          Allow cups to dry for at least 30 to 40 minutes before use. It works well to have girls place their cups at the table, where they will be sitting, while participating in other party games and activities. When the fairy princesses arrive at the table, place a slightly smaller plastic cup inside the top paper cup to hold lemonade or other drinks being served at the party. This allows you to simply remove the used plastic cups and toss them after the party — and your fairy princess guests will be able to take home their pretty goblets as an extra party favor.


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