Fairy Craft: How to Make Fairy Wind Chimes


      Need an inexpensive fairy party craft? Maybe you’re just looking for a fun summer afternoon activity for your own children. Either way, this simple fairy windchime is the perfect answer.

      “Fairies are hard to hear, but if you listen carefully, sometimes you’ll hear the music of the fairies as a tinkle in the wind,” writes Stephanie M., who submitted plans for making this delightful Fairy Wind Chime to www.fairygardens.com, a fun web site filled with fairy-themed activities. 

        Stephanie’s plans call for purchasing a fairy stamp and ink, but please note that you can reduce the cost of this craft to mere pennies by purchasing a fairy coloring book from your local dollar store, choosing one of the images within and making copies for children to color. 


2 Popsicle (craft) sticks
Assorted beads round and flower-shaped
Miniature bells (sold in sewing and craft stores)

Fairy Stamp and Ink (or fairy-themed coloring book from dollar store)
Colored pencils or crayons
String and a needle
Hot glue or other kind of glue
Other decorations such as leaves or small nature accents


Glue together popsicle sticks in an X. String the beads on 5 strings and attach each string to the Popsicle sticks (on each end and from the center of the cross) with glue, so that the strings of beads hang down from the X.

Attach the bells on strings of more beads. Glue the strings with the bells, to the Popsicle sticks across from each other next to the center string of beads.

Stamp a fairy on paper and color it. Cut around the fairy. On the back of the paper, stamp another picture of the fairy and color it. Attach the fairy to the center string of beads with string. (You can put more fairies on your wind chime if desired.)

Tie a string to the center of the sticks for hanging. Glue the string to hold it in place. Decorate your wind chime with leaves, small nature accents and beads. Use glue to hold the decorations in place.

“When the wind blows,” Stephanie writes, “the strings of beads and the bells, will knock against each other, making fairy music. Hang your wind chime next to a window or door where the wind will blow it and listen for the fairies.”

Stephanie notes that if you prefer, you may use a fairy ornament instead of a fairy created out of paper.


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One Response to “Fairy Craft: How to Make Fairy Wind Chimes”

  1. Chimes For All Says:

    that looks very creative. wish i have a daughter to have this kind for her party. but i’ll surely show this page to my sister for my niece’s upcoming fairy tale party next month. thanks for sharing.

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