Fairy Craft: Make a Fairy House

       This delightful book series by Tracy Kane beautifully details the art of Fairy Houses.

Build a Fairy Village…

          Looking for an magical, extremely creative activity for a fairy-themed party in your back yard this summer? We love this idea: create your own fairy village and watch the fairies move in!

          Each little guest makes his or her own fairy house, and the end result creates the entire village. You provide basic construction materials and their imaginations will do the rest. 

           This activity will work well at a fairy party scheduled for any time of day, but if you live in the eastern half of the United States, plan the party to end at twilight, when the fireflies come out, for a little extra enchantment. (Why the eastern half? Because there are no fireflies in the West! Isn’t that one of life’s great mysteries?)

       Place the completed fairy houses along a wooded edge of your yard while your little construction workers head to the table for a fairy dinner (featuring fairy cakes for dessert, of course!) Afterward, quieten down the crowd with strict instructions to tiptoe and whisper so as not to scare away the fairies. Sit quietly on the deck or patio, watching the fairy village to see what happens. Before long, you’ll see twinkling lights moving in and around the fairy village as the fairies come to explore.

       Be sure to collect plenty of building materials for the little partygoers to work with and have these items on hand at the party.  Great building items include smooth pebbles,  twigs, twine and leaves. Encourage partygoers to search the yard for more natural treasures.

       If you prefer, you might use your invitation to include a “wanted” list of building items children will be able to find easily in their own back yards.  Send a paper bag out with invitations and ask children to fill the bag with natural materials to use at the party. 

       Even if you’re not planning a fairy-themed party any time soon, this craft makes a great summertime activity for a child. Over the course of the summer, one child can make an entire village.

       There are a few simple rules…. Use only natural materials, please. Fairies don’t much care for plastic, and won’t set up housekeeping in anything not found naturally in the woods, garden, pond or river.  Twigs make great timbers for miniature log cabins, and pieces of bark finish off walls just perfectly. Please don’t take the bark directly from a tree (very naughty and painful to the tree!); instead, look for pieces that have already fallen.  Pebbles, flower petals, straw, leaves and acorns are wonderful building materials. Moss makes a perfect carpet.

             Take a look at these enchanting samples of Fairy Houses:

              Feeling inspired yet? For more inspiration, helpful products and some some great ideas on building Fairy Houses, we also recommend visiting these wonderful web sites:

www.forestwhimsy.com –  Delightful little furnishings for fairy folk!

www.minature-gardens.com – This site sells handcrafted and unique fairy houses, buildings, fairy doors, garden miniatures, fairy furniture and magical miniature supplies. There’s much more to see on this enchanting site. You’ll love it….

                 We also recommend checking out adelightful series of books specifically about the art of Fairy Houses, Written by Tracy Kane, these books are available at www. light-beams

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