Fairy Craft: Make a Floral Fairy Crown

             One of the easiest ways to entertain little partygoers at your fairy-themed party is to have them make pretty floral wreaths. They’ll look just like woodland fairies in no time at all, and you’ll love this budget-friendly craft. 

              SUPPLIES NEEDED:

1 package pipe cleaners   

1 package pony beads

3 to 6 tropical leis (for up to 12 children)

Spool of colored curling ribbon




                  Cut lenths of curling ribbon in advance to save time during the craft portion of the party. We recommend strips of 14 to 15 inches. Two strips per child is enough, but the more you add, the prettier the floral crown will be.  It also helps to curl the ribbon in advance. To do this, simply run the edge of one of your scissor blades down the top surface of the ribbon, pulling tightly. 

                     Allocate two pipe cleaners per child. Older children or children with larger heads and lots of hair may actually need part of a third pipe cleaner! Place the last quarter inch of two pipe cleaners together to create a small X. Beginning at the center of the X, wind the pipe cleaners around each other so that they interlock and create one long piece. Make sure to wind tightly so that no stray pieces of wire unwind and poke the child who will wear the wreath. 

                    Next, slide a few pony beads onto one pipe cleaner and push them all the way to the center, so that they cover the interlocking parts. 

                     Now the pipe cleaners are ready to be distributed to the children. If you do this much in advance, the children will find it much easier to create their floral fairy crowns.

                  Use scissors to snip the string holding the leis, and pull flowers off the string, throwing away the leftover string and straws which separate each cluster of flowers. 

                  Scatter the silk flowers around on the table, floor or work surface the children will be using, and allow them to select a handful of blooms, the same way fairies gather the prettiest woodland blooms for their wreathes. 

                    Each silk flower on the lei will have a small hole in the center. Carefully push the pipe cleaner through this hole, and push the flower toward the pony beads in the center. Add more beads on the other side of the flower, then add another flower. Repeat this pattern to fill the pipe cleaner.

                     When the child has finished, secured the wreath on her head by making an x of the two end pieces and twisting them onto each other so they they interlock. 

                      Complete the project by tying long strands of curling ribbon onto the back of the wreath.


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