Fairy Party: Magic-on-a-Shoestring Party Plan

             Trying to make some fairy magic on a shoestring budget? You’ll love these ideas for absolutely teeny-tiny party budgets!


       When fairies celebrate birthdays, they don’t head to the local party store to stock up on plastic tablecloths, balloons and banners. They scour the forest floor, nearby meadows and pretty gardens for all-natural decorating treasures.  You can do the same thing.

         Save a ton on tableware by buying inexpensive, solid-colored 8-inch plates, napkins and cups from your local dollar store (for as little as $1 per set of 8 plates, 16 napkins or 12 cups) and allow the party guests to scavenge your back yard just like real fairies to complete the table decorations. Place an empty vase in the center of the table and have children fill it with pretty branches and blooms selected with your supervision. Scatter leaves or blossoms around the vase.

      Next, allow each little guest to create her own Fairy Placemat by collecting pretty leaves, petals, seeds, straw, pebbles and more. The first activity at your party could be creation of these beautiful, all-natural placemats. Have girls glue their materials directly onto pieces of brown paper grocery bags. Be sure to trace an 8-inch circle onto the center of the “placemat” first, so there will be room for the plate afterward! The placemats will dry while the little party guests move on to other activities. 

      Your total cost for this creative and very authentic fairy tabletop will be less than $10. You’ll spend $1 per package of plates, cups and napkins at the dollar store. You’ll also need to spend money on a few bottles of glue. The rest is purely imagination!   

      Winter Party Note: If it’s too cold to scavenge the yard for natural fairy treasures when you’re planning your fairy-themed party, here’s an inexpensive alternative that will give the tabletop a rainbow burst of creative color! You’ll need nothing more than a box of coffee filters and some colored markers, a paintbrush or a spray bottle.  The birthday child likely will enjoy making these decorations in the days leading up to the party.

        Spread newspaper for this project; it’s quite messy. Use the markers to draw simple colored lines on the coffee filters. Next, dip the clean paintbrush into a cup of water and use it to spread color from the marker lines across the coffee filters. The colors will magically “bleed” into each other, creating beautiful and interesting rainbow patterns. Very little water is needed, so don’t drown the artwork! If you prefer, you may spritz water from a spray bottle onto the coffee filters.

      Allow the coffee filters to dry overnight. They make perfect little flower-petal placemats for solid-color 8-inch paper plates from the dollar store, and really dress up a table! Your child will love telling her friends she “made” the table. Take leftover coffee filters and scrunch into flower shapes to use for more decorations. Tie them with ribbons onto green pipe cleaners to create adorable little placecard holders or fill a vase with them to create a matching centerpiece. 


        Part of the magic of a Fairy-Themed Party is in the costuming… Children want to become fairies, and wear the fun fairy costumes.

        Be sure to read our article on Making a Fairy Crown, in the menu at right. This is a very inexpensive and easy party craft.

       It’s possible to order fairy wings for as little as $5 per child, but if your party budget won’t stretch even that far, don’t worry. You can make fairy wings for pennies out of almost anything. Even tissue paper will work. Just cut fairy wing shapes from a sheet of tissue paper and safety pin the “wings” onto the back of the child’s dress or shirt. Fairy wings, after all, are quite fragile and delicate. It’s more about the look and feel of fairy wings than anything else, and the crinkle of the tissue paper will constantly remind the child of her “wings.” Please make sure to cut out the wings a few days before the party. It’s a bit tricky, and definitely needs to be done in advance rather than while a line of eager children are waiting.

        For a little more trouble and expense, you can mix tissue paper and cellophane paper. Cut the same shapes from tissue and cellophane paper. Make a sandwich, of sorts, with the tissue paper glued between two sheets of cellophane. This has more of the right  look — but again, it’s a bit trickier and takes much more time. 


       Fairies love to dance in mossy meadows in the moonlight — and your little guests will be just as happy to do some fairy dancing at your party. Dancing doesn’t cost a dime, so it should make you pretty happy, too. 

         First, you’ll need to form a big circle — a fairy ring. Fairies hold hands while dancing. They march around and around in a large circle, then stop so that each one can whirl and twirl on her own. As soon as one spins all around and stops, the one next to her spins and stops, and so on. Once all have spun, the larger circle joins hands and begins to march around and around again. 

      Fairies also happen to love Ring Around the Rosies, Red Rover, and other familiar childhood games. They  just adore playing Musical Flowers. It’s played very much like Musical Chairs. You can substitute pillows for the flowers — or create your own flowers from poster board, construction paper, or coffee filters (as explained under the tabletop suggestions above.)

      Dancing and games are free, but if you do want to spend a little bit of money on a game, a Treasure Hunt is always fun for children. Purchase a package of gold coins (around $5 for 144 of them) from your discount store or party supplies store and hide them in your home or yard. Allow children to search for the fairy gold the same way they would search for Easter eggs.

      And be sure to check out the post called FAIRY OLYMPICS describing a few fun, itty-bitty Olympic games perfect as activities at a fairy party and inexpensive enough for even the teeniest of party budgets.


       Decorate your table as described above, with inexpensive natural objects. When guests arrive, have them make their own placemats, and set aside to dry. Next, have guests make their own Fairy Princess Goblets (see instructions in article which can be accessed from menu at right.)  Set goblets on the table to dry along with the placemats.

      Next, have the little fairies gather flowers from the forest floor and create their own Fairy Floral Crowns (see instructions in article with can be accessed from menu at right.) and pin on tissue wings.

      Form a Fairy Ring for a little Fairy Dancing and games such as Musical Flowers.    

      At the table, serve budget-friendly miniature cupcakes (call them Fairy Cakes, as they’re often called in England) rather than a large custom cake, and explain to the children that everything will be fairy-sized. Fairies snack on natural foods, such as seeds, nuts and berries. In addition to the sweet little Fairy Cakes, add a few blueberries or strawberries to each plate, some shelled sunflower seeds and some nuts. Although items such as blueberries and nuts are expensive, you will not need very many. One small container of blueberries or strawberries will be enough; you will need to place only a few on each plate. The same is true of the sunflower seeds and nuts. It’s more about the idea of eating like a fairy than actually consuming a meal! Offer a variety, and let the children sample a fairy-sized bit of everything.

     Although this party plan should save you enough money to allow the purchase of inexpensive party favors for children, you do not necessarily have to send anything home with them….They will be able to wear home the wings and floral crowns they have made, and carry their Fairy Princess Goblets home, too. If you had a Treasure Hunt, send the gold coins home with the children.

     Do you have more ideas for inexpensive Fairy-themed parties? We’d love to see them. Please post your comments!


One Response to “Fairy Party: Magic-on-a-Shoestring Party Plan”

  1. Amy Maneely Says:

    In order to save some money on my daughter’s fairy themed party, I started by making my own invitations on Adobe Photoshop. Next I found that our local dollar store had coordinating wings and tutu’s for $1 each. (These were the big splurge!) Next I found great plates, napkins and cups in coordinating bright colors with butterflies and flowers. (all at the dollar store) I also scored great coordinating goody bags and filled them with rock candy rings and pixy sticks. I borrowed three sets of childrens tables and chairs from neighborhood friends for the day. I used plastic table clothes (cut in half) for the table covers, and created great centerpeices 4 tables for about $16 total. I used medium terra cotta pots, half circle floral foam covered in spring moss and I added some silk flowers, mini butterflies, and marzipan toadstools, and birdnests (birds made from pom poms). I hung curling ribbon from the trees in our backyard, borrowed a bubble machine from a friend and we had a blast playing in the back yard

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