Fairy Party Menu Suggestions


         One of the prettiest additions to a fairy-themed tabletop is inexpensive, fun to eat and very simple to create. 

        You’ll need a small plastic wineglass, easily available at your dollar store. Fill the glass with pretty and colorful fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, melon balls, grapes and pineapple squares.  The fruit alone is quite pretty and fun to eat, but if you prefer, you could fill the cup two-thirds of the way with yogurt or vanilla pudding first and then add the fruit.  A third option is to purchase inexpensive packages of shortcakes  at the grocery store. Cut the shortcakes into small squares and drop into the plastic wineglass, filling it about one-third of the way. Next, layer the fruit. Top with a big dollop of whipping cream.   

          No matter how you like your fruit, the trick is in what you do with the wineglass to give it a little fairy fluff. Tie the base of the wineglass with a strip of pink tulle about an inch and a half wide and 6 to 8 inches long. Viola!  Instant fairy enchantment for your table. One of these at each place settings looks simply magical. 

            And there are plenty of variations to tickle your particular fancy and spark your imagination.

            Simply adding ribbon in a contrasting or complimentary color can accelerate the level of party pizazz. Silver metallic ribbons looks particularly pretty with pink tulle. A lavendar tulle strip tied with the pink tulle strip creates an especially ethereal look for your table. 

            Not in the mood to cut strips of tulle? Discount stores and many dollar stores sell ribbon hair accessories that will look great tied around the base of the plastic wine glass AND work as additional take-home party favors for the girls at the close of the party.


          Fairies in the wild, of course, do not eat fruit from pretty little stemmed goblets tied off with frilly ribbons and tulle — and although it’s a rare fairy who would turn down an invitation to dine at such a pretty table, all of us could learn a thing or two from the fairies when it comes to planning a child’s fairy party menu. Think small, and think natural.

         An authentic fairy feast features a variety of foods scavenged from the forest floor, the fairy orchard and certain enchanted meadows — usually nuts, berries and fruit. For extra fairy fun at your party, try providing your guests a sampling of authentic fare.  Sprinkle sunflower seeds, mixed nuts and strawberries, blueberries or other fruits on the plate around a cupcake or a collection of pretty petit fours. 


      Fairies adore tea sandwiches — tiny, quartered sandwiches with the crusts removed. A word of caution…If you automatically think of cucumber sandwiches when you envision a pretty tea table, this is the time to clear your vision.  Little girls do not naturally love cucumber sandwiches!  Your fairy menu will be much better received by your little guests if you simply offer standard children’s fare in a slightly fancier format, with an emphasis on keeping things dainty.  The PBJ is always a hit, but here are a few other suggestions designed to appeal to little appetites:

        APPLE AND CREAM CHEESE: Extremely thin apple slices and cream cheese on raisin bread

        BUTTERFLY BREAD: Single slices of bread, buttered, cut into butterfly shapes and topped with  colorful sprinkles


One Response to “Fairy Party Menu Suggestions”

  1. Holly Laing Says:

    I just wanted to leave a huge thank you for all of the party information on your site. I have been searching around for ideas and help for my eight year old daughters party and your site has been the most helpful I have found. It will help me greatly on her birthday, and it is mostly thanks to you and your wonderful advice and ideas.

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