Planning to host a fairy-themed party for a special little girl? Here are some fun party ideas to help make it a memorable event!

        But be sure to check out each of the other articles beginning with the word FAIRY. You’ll find them listed at right. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll appreciate the article titled FAIRY MAGIC ON A SHOESTRING. You won’t believe how easy and inexpensive it can be to host a fairy party little girls will love!  

        Think tulle for tabletops and more. Yards and yards of flowing, ethereal clouds of tulle. Nothing else evokes a fairy atmosphere as quickly as this inexpensive material, sold by the bolt for less than $1 per yard in the fabric section of many Wal-mart stores. Wrap it, drape it and suspend it everywhere to create just the right ethereal ambiance for your fairy party. 

       Dress your table and the children in tulle, too. Start with the chairs, and wind strips of tulle around the back, tying them off with a big bow. Elegant and easy! Next, place a collection of  inexpensive vases in the center of your table. Wrap them in tulle, and tie them off to match the chairs. Bunch tulle in and around the vases to create a filmy, cloud-like effect. Sprinkle flower petals on all the tulle. Now fill the vases with baby’s breath and sweet pink roses (or save a ton of money by using silk flowers instead) to complete your fairy centerpiece. 

         And the children? We’re not kidding when we say they also need to be wrapped in tulle! Fairy costumes are part and parcel of the ethereal experience at a fun fairy-themed party!

          Costume options… If you’re industrious and energetic, with nimble fingers, you can use tulle to create an adorable fairy costume for each little guest simply by tying strips of tulle. Take a look at the no-sew creation pictured here. Details are in the article titled FAIRY DRESS: HOW TO MAKE A FAIRY COSTUME in the menu at right. 


             If you don’t have the time or patience to tie all that tulle, why not order one of our inexpensive tutus, pictured at right? They’re available in two styles (the one pictured has flower petals scattered inside the tulle!) and either style makes a perfect fairy skirt. And with prices starting at $6.50, they make an affordable costume that little guests can take home as party favors afterward.        

             Your little fairies will need wings, too. We sell those, and you will be able to order them from our online store (after mid-August.) We’d love to sell them to you — but Oriental Trading Company actually sells a Paint-Your-Own Fairy Wings kit that would work very very well as a party activity and provide the necessary wings at the same time!  Best of all, the kit costs around $5 per child, so it’s a cost-effective way to dress the little fairies, provide a party activity and a take-home party favor all at the same time!

            Finish off the fairy look with a pretty floral wreath. Instructions for a very simple and inexpensive one are in the article titled FAIRY CRAFT: HOW TO MAKE A FLORAL CROWN in the list at right.               

                  Fairy lights. Twinkling white Christmas lights create a truly magical party ambiance — and you probably already have a strand or two packed away in your attic or garage. Dig them out and use them for this party. Wind them through the silk plant in the corner, or stretch them across your mantel and bunch layers of tulle on top for a filmy, ethereal effect. Sprinkle flower petals in the tulle and viola!  Instant fairy kingdom.

            A word about balloons. Balloons are great for a circus parties, but they really have no place in fairy party decor.  Save the money you would spend on a cluster of balloons and invest it in a few new strands of white lights or an extra bolt of tulle. An exception might be butterfly-shaped helium balloons to float overhead.


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