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  1. Kayla Says:

    I’m having a rockstar party. What’s fun? I’m turning 10.

  2. askthepartyfairy Says:

    Hello, Kayla!
    Thank you for asking The Party Fairy about your rockstar party. Here are some suggestions to make it extra fun for you and your friends:
    If possible, darken the room where the party is to be held. The easiest way to do this is to have the party in the evening. Other options include using a basement or taping black plastic to windows to block the light. Depending on where you live, and how mild the temperature is, you could even hold the party in a garage!
    Once you’re in the dark, Glow-in-the-Dark possibilities abound, and will magically transform your party into a wonderland of fun!
    Give each guest Glow-in-the-Dark bracelets and necklaces, so that the guests moving around the darkened room will help create a festive ambiance. These pieces of Glow-in-the-Dark jewelry can go home as party favors, too. They are not very expensive at your local dollar store, where you should be able to find packages of 6 for $1.
    If your budget allows, a revolving disco ball will cast spinning colors around the room and create more fun for you and your guests. These generally cost about $20 and are available at Wal-mart and party supply stores.
    A blacklight can also be a fun way to create ambiance. A pack of neon highlighters can be used to create tatoo designs on the arms of your guests — and the blacklight will turn the designs into glowing works of art. Just be sure to use washable markers for this project so your guests won’t have to scrub for a week after your party!

    Next, you’ll need a stage — which is a prerequisite for any rockstar party. There are hundreds of ways to create a fun stage. You really only need a blank wall to work with.
    Here’s a simple idea for your stage with a big “wow” factor:
    — Purchase a sheer window scarf ($5 to $7 at Big Lots; slightly more at Wal-mart) and twine a strand of colored or white Christmas lights beneath it. Swag this lighted fabric curtain-style to create your stage. Secure the lighted material to the wall with cuphooks, thumbtacks — even tape, depending on the surface to be covered. But be sure to get your parents involved whenever you hang anything on the wall because you don’t want to damage the walls!

    — To get guests involved in creating the stage, and have another party activity, provide half a black poster for each party guest (or a quarter of a poster board if you’re having 10 or more guests) and allow each party guest to create his or her own decorative tile for the back wall of the stage area. It looks great to give each guest a neon colored star to glue onto the black poster board, then allow the guests to decorate the rest of the tile with colored markers or paint. Be sure to have each guest write his or her name on the star so you will know whose tile is whose.
    After the party, take down the tiles and send home with the guests and you will already have started the clean-up process!

    One final idea for stage decor is to make use of inexpensive blank CDs. Purchase a pack of CDs and glue them on black poster board yourself to create a nice stage wall. Six poster boards hung on a large wall space in two rows of three creates a great “stage” area. Since blank DCs are silver and reflective, they’ll look great with the colored disco lights spinning around the room.

    Another fun project is to use glow-in-the-dark paint to allow each child to put his or her handprints on a black poster board that can be used to create a stage backdrop.

    Once you have your stage, however you create it, you’ll need to pose your guests in fun rockstar group poses in front of it to make some fun party photographs. Do you have a guitar or know someone who does? Holding fake microphones and musical instruments makes these photographs look so much more fun!

    Another fun party activity is to create a photo frame for the rockstar photos you made in front of the stage. Have each child “autograph” everyone else’s photo frame with neon colored markers or gel pens. These will become adorable, treasured keepsakes from the party.

    Dance games are the best way to have fun at a rockstar party. Turn on the music and let hte competition begin. Does your mom know any old disco dances she can teach you and your friends? Do you have an aunt or an uncle who knows how to breakdance? Divide into pairs and have a miniature “Dancing with the Stars” competition!

    After the concert and dancing, cool down at Club Rock with some neon-colored Smoothies made in the blender and served in plastic wineglasses (sold at dollar stores) followed by birthday cake and ice cream.
    The table will look great if you use a black plastic tablecloth and solid-colored neon plates, napkins and cups. Mix lime green, yellow, electric blue and hot pink . Colors will pop against the black and create a festive tabletop. Use lots of balloons in the same neon colors.

    Kayla, I hope these ideas help make your party very special and a lot of fun! Have a great birthday!

    The Party Fairy

  3. Robin Says:

    Love all the suggestions you have for a fairy party. I am having a garden fairy party for my daughter who is turning 4. She wants to have pixie dust at her party. Any idea how I can incorporate this into the party?



    • askthepartyfairy Says:

      Hi, Robin —
      Thanks for asking about Pixie Dust at your daughter’s party. Little girls turning 4 absolutely love Pixie Dust, and fortunately for moms, it’s pretty easy to find in the mortal realm, too. You can order it online and it will arrive exquisitely packaged — but there will be a teensy tiny little bit of it (a pixie-sized portion to be exact) and you will pay quite a hefty sum for all that pretty packaging. Of course you can also make it yourself to save money!
      If you don’t have the time (or inclination) to go around creating your own Pixie Dust, and your pocketbook can afford the expense, the best place to order it is a site called http://www.fairydust.com. They sell it in sweet little bottles with magic wand applicators. Little girls adore this kind of detail!
      If you need a simpler and more affordable version of Pixie Dust, it’s as easy as heading to your nearest CVS drugstore. Cosmetic grade glitter is sold in little round vials for around $4 in the Wet&Wild cosmetic section. This product has the best glittery effect of any that we’ve found that is easily accessible to moms in the cosmetic aisles. You can choose from pink hues (which most ltitle girls prefer) white or lavendar. You can take the time and make the effort to repackage it to go home as party favors (and I’ll offer a couple of suggestions in just a moment) but most moms of your little guests probably will not be very excited about having their daughters take home very easily spilled Pixie Dust after your party! Especially since your little partygoers cannot yet read the wording on the vial, I would just recommend using one $4 vial of it for your party. When you unscrew the top and show them how glittery it is in the little vial, their little eyes will get bigger and rounder than the vial itself! 🙂
      One vial will contain plenty of Pixie Dust for all the little girls at your daughter’s party if you explain to them that you have come across a rare cache of the Fairy Queen’s very own Pixie Dust. Unscrew the vial and let them all admire it. Then call them one at a time, starting with your daughter, to stand in front of a tabletop mirror. Have each child close her eyes while you sprinkle her hair with Pixie Dust. Finish by placing a dab on her nose. Then have her open her eyes to see her magical sparkles. The watching children will ooh and ahh, and so will the little girl who opens her eyes to see her sparkly face in the mirror! 🙂 Take turns calling them one by one to get their magical Pixie Dust sparkles. Avoid the eye area on children this young, however. A sparkly nose and hair will be impressive enough!
      If you do decide to send home Pixie Dust as party favors, you will be able to find small plastic bottles and vials at Michael’s, Ben Franklin or other craft stores. But by the time you purchase enough cosmetic glitter at $4 per vial, and purchase the repackaging materials, and spend the time to create the new containers and make them attractive with pink tulle ribbons and the like, you really don’t save that much money and would be better off to just order the premade fairy dust kits from wwww.fairydust.com. 🙂
      I hope these suggestions help you. Please let me know how it goes — and feel free to ask any other questions you may have. 🙂

  4. Jennifer Says:

    My daughter is turning eleven and is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately what makes her amazing also makes her a misfit at school. She wants a Pixie party based on the Disney Fairies. I have a very elaborate plan in hand complete with costumes and activities that would be great for a group of fifth grade girls. I have no doubt that this party would be considered totally awesome if my daughter was part of the tween mafia. But she is not a strong, dominating personality. She is sweet and resigning and doesn’t have a lot of friends. The tradition in this area is to invite all girls in your class. I don’t want to see her ridiculed out of school. Do you have any fifth graders coming in for fairy parties? If not what age do you see them taper off?

  5. Stephanie Says:

    I am having my son’s birthday party at the Pumpkin Patch this year. He is turning 3 and his favorite thing to do in the fall is to paint pumpkins. I have already bought all the kids coming a long sleeve smock. These are for them to where while painting and to also take home as part of their goody bags. I am running into a snap as to what else to put in their goddy bags. I have thought about popcorn balls and crayons but it just doesn’t seem to cohere. Any suggestions for goody bags and maybe wording for an invitation.

    • askthepartyfairy Says:

      Hello, Stephanie —
      A Pumpkin Patch party sounds like great fun for a 3-year-old who loves to paint pumpkins, and I love that you’re providing painting smocks for the little artists. Most party stores and even Wal-mart stock plenty of pumpkin-themed trinkets as Halloween approaches, so you might look for pumpkin-shaped whistles or pumpkin-shaped bubbles as additional party favors. Any age-appropriate art supplies — including crayons, markers or sidewalk chalk — would fit a theme like “Pumpkin Patch Piccasos,” if that appeals to you. Here’s a suggestion for the invitation wording:

      Red and yellow, blue and green
      Pumpkin faces –silly, mean
      Son’s Name loves to paint it all
      Paintbrush in hand, he has a ball!
      So we’re celebrating his 3rd birthday
      In an especially colorful way…
      Come join us for this painting party
      Designed to let the kids get arty!


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