Link to more Fairy Party ideas

      Recently, I discovered an enchanting little web site titled Life’s Little Treasures, with gorgeous photographs and a wonderful article sharing ideas for a fairy party. I complimented the site owner — and discovered that she’s just 16! Turns out she’s writing a book about fairies, is busily launching a new blog soon and has many other enticing projects up her sleeve.  

        Such talent, so young….Keep an eye on her.  There’s a touch of the fae at work there, and who knows what magic is yet to blossom!

          Here’s the link:


2 Responses to “Link to more Fairy Party ideas”

  1. irishclover7 Says:

    Hey! Thanks so much for putting a link to my blog. (Wow! A whole page too!) Im touched! 😀 The new blog for my book Saving Or Muire, is up now. I’d love for you to read my book as I post chapters. Contact me if you would like to read it so I can give you the password to unlock the posts. (I’m trying to be safe about copyrights by using a password for the posts that include my actual work.) Thanks so much, again! 😀

  2. irishclover7 Says:

    Btw, please feel free to add your wish to the Wish Blog 😀


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