Mermaid Party Menu Suggestions

      Looking for some child-friendly menu suggestions for your mermaid-themed party? Here are a few tried-and-true foods that will create just the right element of fun at your party, Best of all, your little party-goers may actually EAT some of these offerings!

      MAGICAL COLORED SHELLS: Purchase a few boxes of shell-shaped pasta in various sizes. Velveeta makes a great shell-shaped pasta product, but there are many others on the market. Jumbo-sized shell pasta is fun, too. Boil the pasta according to package directions, but during the last few minutes of boiling, add a few drops of food coloring. Using different pasta in different pans will yield pasta in many different colors. Experiment and have fun! Mix blue and red to create purple. Toss with butter and offer Parmesan on the side. Most young children will eat buttered noodles, but some little palates are picky when it comes to the Parmesan. 

      SQUID AND EELS: Here’s a fun menu item that will certainly get their attention. To create the eels, simply boil linguini (or even regular spaghetti) noodles using the food-coloring trick described above. Eels can be any color you desire: blue, green, purple. Creating the squid takes a little more work. You’ll need hot dog wieners for this trick. Take a weiner and lay it flat on your cutting board. Place your knife halfway down the weiner, and slice the bottom portion of the weiner into two sections. Now slice each of those two sections into two more sections, and so on, so that the bottom portion of the weiner is sectioned into a total of eight very slender lengths. These are the squid tentacles. Don’t believe it? You’ll see what happens when you very carefully drop your sectioned weiner into a pot of boiling water! The eight sections will curl up and the result will look hilariously like squid!

      GET CREATIVE WITH SEA FRUIT: Fan out strawberry slices to look like shells.  Boys in particular love it when grapes become octopus eyes!



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