Whether you’re planning a Fairy-Themed Party, a Ballerina-Themed Tea or an Undersea Ball for a bunch of little mermaids, we’ve got you covered!

                 We’re adding content now to share our best and least expensive party ideas with you. We’ll continue to add new themes and new ideas, so check back frequently to see how the site is growing.

                  FAIRY THEME: Check out the listing on the right side of this page for articles filled with ideas for this theme.  Learn how to set a fun fairy tabletop for less than $10 (in the article titled Fairy Magic on a Shoestring), how to make inexpensive fairy crowns and wings,  how to make fairy princess goblets, and how to entertain the little fairies attending the party for free! You’ll also find some suggestions for a Fairy Menu.

                  MERMAID THEME: We’re working now on mermaid-themed party ideas. You’ll find Mermaid Menu suggestions in an article in the list at right. Check back soon for more mermaid party ideas!

                 Other themes we’ll be adding soon include BALLERINA , SUPERHERO and PAJAMA PARTY. If you’d like to suggest a theme, please do so in the Comments section below.


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