Calling All Fairies…

June 12, 2008

        Did you hear me calling?

        Had I just a bit more time in my schedule, I would love to pick up a paintbrush and paint the fairies calling each other on the trumpet vine…..

         I would start at the bottom of the garden for an upward perspective, and create a shadowy forest of thick, tangled roots in browns and golds and earth tones supporting a burst of colorful blooms and vines edging skyward up the base of a tree. Twisting vines would grow ever more delicate as they spiraled toward patches of blue sky above. Lastly, I would add the fairies, hovering at each blossom and trumpeting the call, one to another…     

          But I have no time for paintbrushes, so a words-only call must go out. You’ll just have to close your eyes and imagine the scene!

          Since April, in precious bits and pieces of time, I’ve been building the root system for this blog, adding content designed to help busy moms plan parties for their children.  I’ve put out a call for help to many of you, inviting you to contribute articles.

           Richmond photographer Missy Bane responded with an great article titled “Tips for Party Photos.”  I love her beautiful photography, find her to be super easy to work with and very creative, and so very much appreciate her contribution to this site. I just had to laugh out loud (and I know Missy will appreciate this irony, because she has a great sense of humor as well as a great talent with the camera!) to see that a couple of her tips directly contradict advice I would have given parents! 

       That sort of thing is bound to happen when two people look at the same moment in time from two different perspectives.  The photographer looks at gift opening and says, “Put those bows, ribbons and wrapping paper on their heads to snap a great party moment photograph!” The children’s party planner looks at gift opening and says, “Whatever you do, resist the urge to place the bows and ribbons on their heads or a tiny crack may appear in the very firm chaos-control structure you have applied to your party.”

           There’s no right or wrong here. There are simply different perspectives and  different ideas. That’s why I’ve put out the fairy call for other voices on this site. Mine is simply one voice. The more the merrier. 

           Your voice is welcome, too. So pick up the trumpet vine.  



Once Upon A Blog

April 17, 2008

      Once upon a blog, The Party Fairy tumbled magic wand over tea kettle into the modern world via something called WordPress.  What a strange portal! The  journey lasted mere minutes, and no fanfare accompanied her tumble. Evidently, pixie dust does not swirl in cyber space — at least, not for fairies unable to speak HTML.

      The Party Fairy dusted herself off, just the same, because there was much to be said from this exciting new forum.  Thoughts about party manners and tactics for chaos control at children’s parties. Ideas for creating magic on a shoestring. Tea party tips, craft and activity ideas, suggestions for party themes and more.    

        The Party Fairy will run out of pixie dust long before she runs out of words.