You’ve probably heard the adage that simpler is better when it comes to children’s parties. While I understand and agree with the concept behind the advice, I think it’s misleading to well-intentioned parents planning a child’s birthday party at home. 

       A successful children’s party isn’t really a party at all; it’s a well-crafted program. 

       Party activities can and should be simple, straightforward and age-appropriate. Decorations can be quite simple, too. But a child’s party is a complex entity, and the more structure you add, the more successful your party is likely to be.

    We’ve developed some tried-and-true strategies for success here at The Party Fairy, and we use a variation of these same techniques at every party we stage.  They are designed to turn down the chaos and turn up the excitement level. Everyone — including the hostess — has a much better time when things are under control.  

    Do these party strategies work every single time? Pretty much. As a parent, you know that each and every day is a new frontier when you’re dealing with children, and I admit that there have been some days and some parties where I was absolutely certain that my magic wand was broken! But a close evaluation of every single party where children were difficult to control and the chaos escalated shows that, for various reasons, these basic success strategies were not used.

       There are some things you just can’t control at a party – and these will certainly impact the chaos level at your party. If parents of your little guests use the party as an adult social opportunity without heed to the noise they are making, the children will mirror the parental behavior and become quite loud. If parents move around in the areas designated for children’s activities, children will feel free to move throughout the house, too, no matter where you ask them to be. At parties where parents speak quietly in the background, and stay out of the way, perhaps hanging out in the kitchen while the children’s activities take place in the family room, the most amazing thing happens. Most children listen, and sit quietly, and follow the program, throroughly enjoying the party. 

    You can’t control how adults behave at the party, but you can control — to a large extent — how children will behave, by employing certain simple strategies designed to give you the control needed to run a successful party.  Overall, these strategies work. The more of them you use, the more successful your party will be.

    To read more about the importance of structure, and how to put it to work at the birthday party you’re planning for your child,  check out the post titled Tip No. 1: Structure from the menu on the right side of this page.


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