Don’t you love it when someone is kind enough to send a picture of your child snapped at a function you were unable to attend? Did you ever open a thank-you card from a birthday party your child attended and discover a sweet photograph tucked inside? Almost everyone loves cute kid pictures and appreciates receiving a candid moment caught on film.  

     It’s easy to make great party photographs at your child’s party — including some to share with the parents of your little guests — with just a little forethought.

       Keep in mind that most younger children view posing for photographs as a distraction from all the fun they’re supposed to be having, and plan your photo strategy accordingly.

      The best times to get individual pictures of your guests are at the beginning or end of the party. If you’re dressing your guests in any sort of costume or accessory, have a fun backdrop set up near the dressing area and snap a quick picture as soon as you’ve placed the pirate hat and eyepatch on the little partygoer or given the little princess her crown and boa. You’re more likely to get a cute pose in those moments when the child is feeling adorable in everyone’s eyes! Your backdrop does not need to be complicated. Simply suspending a large solid colored sheet across a wall will work very well.  

      Present opening is a great time to make photographs and has the advantage of offering you a built-in crowd control technique.  Place an extra chair beside the birthday child and call up the children one at a time to sit beside the birthday child and pose for a photograph. Allow the guest to remain in the chair while his or her present is opened.

      Group photographs are notoriously hard to get when your subjects are preschoolers. You can easily waste 10 minutes shepherding the group to the perfect setting and lining them up so that everyone’s face shows — only to discover that one of the children needs to go potty immediately.  If you wait for that child to return,  two more will simply wander away. One great trick is to invite the children to “show off” something.  If they’ve made hats or jewelry at the party, for example, make a big deal out of their handiwork and tell them it’s so beautiful you’d love to capture it on film. 

        Here’s a basic checklist of the party moments you’ll want to try to capture:

– Birthday child waiting for the festivities to begin, showing off the decoratons, admiring the cake, etc. This is a great way to keep your child occupied in those last few minutes when you’re waiting for the first guest to ring the doorbell. You’ll appreciate all those pictures later!  

 – Group shot

– Close-up of birthday child at table

– Group shot of children at table

– Close-up of birthday child blowing out candles

 – Individual photographs of guests with birthday child

 –  Candid shots made during activities, games, etc.

Check back soon for more great party photograph tips



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