Where to Find Centerpieces


          Centerpieces are like friends; you just never know where you’ll find a great one!

           Thinking outside the box will yield some amazing bounty for your tabletop. Scratch the cake off your list; it won’t make a good centerpiece at all unless it’s a three-tiered beauty.  You’ll need something tall and, well – unique. Visually pleasing. A little out of the ordinary, but tied into the theme of the party. 

           Having an old-fashioned Tea Party? Your centerpiece might be a pretty teapot, of course, but it could just as easily be a collection of Victorian dolls. Hatboxes, vintage doilies, old lace and teacups — even if they’re chipped — can be combined to create an interesting look. 

            If all this seems like too much trouble for you, use a flower arrangement. This is a practically failsafe method for any girl party — whether the theme is princess, fairy or tea party.  Flowers dress the table with simple elegance. A few simple blooms in a beautiful vase can look dramatic and elegant, and work as well as a huge bouquet.  Best of all, you can spend as much or as little time as you’d like on selecting the flowers, and they will still create a perfectly delightlful look for the center of your party table.  Painstakingly match the colors of the blooms to the colors in your patterned plates, choose just the right vase — or simply place some sweet little wildflowers in a clear vase.  Either way, flower arrangements work! 

           But, if you’re willing to invest a little more time, here are some intriguing and out-of-the-ordinary sources for great, themed centerpieces:

            PET STORES: Yes, you read that correctly. Visit the aquarium aisle of your favorite pet store and you will be amazed at the centerpieces hiding there! 

            You’ll discover mermaids and pieces of the coral reef, pirate ships and sunken treasure chests, palm trees and island scenes and more. These items work beautifully for a Luau Theme, a Pirate Theme, a Mermaid Theme — any tropical theme at all. 

            Planning a Princess Party instead? Or a Knight Party? There are castles galore on the aquarium aisle, just waiting for the deft application of some glitter paint. Don’t like the color of the castle you find? A little craft paint will take care of that in less than an hour.

            Larger castles and aquarium decorations do carry a substantial price tag, but if you’re lucky enough to visit the aquarium aisle during a red tag sale, your centerpiece will cost very little, so it’s worth checking out.  If nothing is red-tagged on your visit, cast your eye toward the smaller pieces rather than the larger ones, and give them a “lift” on the table simply by placing them on a cake pedestal. 

          I’ve used many small castles meant for aquariums to create fun Princess Party centerpieces.  I’ve used silver and gold, butafter trying it all, I recommend that you paint your the castle white or soft pink and add glitter paint. drape the cake pedestal with several yards of very inexpensive pink tulle. Tulle winds nicely around the base of the pedestal and creates a very soft, filmy, floaty effect. The trick is not to wrap it too tightly. You want it to bunch and create a softness. Place the castle in the center of the the tulle-wrapped pedestal and scatter rose petals across the tulle.  Viola!  A soft and dreamy-looking castle for your princess table. 

      TOY STORES:  Toys work very well as centerpieces for preschoolers. Pick up a Pirate Ship or a Princess Castle from the toy aisle at one of the large discount stores.  It makes a fun centerpiece — and afterward, your little pirate or princess will have one more present to play with.

Check back for more centerpiece ideas soon…..  



2 Responses to “Where to Find Centerpieces”

  1. Lymari De la Torre Says:

    I am planning a “quinceanero” with and under the sea theme, more of a coral reef look. We are looking for ideas on a centerpiece that will be not too expensive. I will want to incorporate all the colors of a coral reef, since everything else will be blue including the linnens.
    thanks. 🙂

  2. askthepartyfairy Says:

    Hi, Lymari

    Thank you for asking The Party Fairy how to create a fun Coral Reef Centerpiece for your Quinceanero. We’ve created this centerpiece lots of times for our Mermaid parties, and it makes a strikingly colorful and fun centerpiece.

    We’ve added an article titled Mermaid Party: Coral Reef Centerpiece in the list of articles at right. You’ll be able to see pictures there of some of the centerpieces we’ve created from aquarium decorations. 🙂

    Use a fish net (sold online at Oriental Trading Company and in many retail party supply stoes) and pile inexepnsive gold coins, colored shells and starfish and colored marbles in and around the aquarium decorations to add color, detail and interest to your tabletop and expand your centerpiece. Flat, colored marbles and packages of shells are sold for $1 per package at dollar stores. Gold coins are sold in packages of 144 for around $5 at most party supply stores, and sometimes in the party favors section at Wal-mart. Colored, inexpensive starfish may be ordered online from Oriental Trading Company, too.

    Take a look at ours and see what you think. 🙂

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